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A hit reality series airing on leading regional news network Channel NewsAsia. Learn how venture capitalists work, how deals are negotiated and how acquisitions can be a gamechanger for any start-up, with in-theory learnings on the website brought to life in practical situations via the TV show.

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A one-stop information portal offering practical resources which are simple, accessible and easily applicable for the potential entrepreneur and new start-uppers. Provide information from business plan writing to doing up your P&L sheet to learning from experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

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Whether you're a business veteran, first-time entrepreneur, aspiring start-upper, fledging innovator or fresh graduate bursting with ideas, you'll be empowered with the knowledge of what goes on the playing field – delivered fresh from the START-UP desk.

Recent Articles
  • Digital technology has impacted how people today consume information. 

    If first-borns are your leaders, second- borns are your risk-takers. More befitting the entrepreneur mold, they're creative and flexible, which is very important for start-ups.

    Everyone needs a hobby right? Even the most successful and richest people in the world need to take a break from their monumental amount of projects and take some time to unwind.

    Items like a photo of the people you love, or a token of gratitude from someone important to you can be crucial reminders your self-worth and aid in enhancing your confidence.

  • Looking at all the startups that have reigned the headlines over the past few months, there seems to be one common thread among them.

    If you feel that certain people may be disruptive of constructive debate, speaking to them before the meeting will help to arrest any potential interruption.

    The world of business has drastically changed in the last decade—not only can we start a business from the comfort of our home, we can now run our operations without stepping out of the house, too.

    YANGON: An unfavourable environment, lack of entrepreneurial culture and no capital – these are the main problems that budding entrepreneurs face in Myanmar.

Featured Videos

Start-UP Season 2 - Call for Entries

If you have an innovative business idea worthy of substantial capital funding, this could be your lucky break. 

Hear From Season 1 Contestants - Boxyroom and JoinMeThere

"As an entrepreneur, you should never ever give up, even when times are hard," says Loh Lin Lin of Boxyroom.

Hear From Season 1 Contestants - Matchimi and BeMyGuest

"As an entrepreneur, you have to keep your focus, even on really tiny details," says Chen Ning of Matchimi.



Season 1 Contestants
  • Pheng Huat

    Chen Ning

    Nur Rapika Mesra

    Huang Renzhi

    Gian Javelona
    Orange Apps

    Richard Jones
    Retail Juice

    Gabriel Kang
    Sensory Robotics

    Hiroyuki Kiga


    Vincent Lee

  • John Lim

    Christian Lindman


    Winnie Tang

    Terence Tham

    Tan Wang

    Clement Wong

    Kit Wong
    Artea Tea Company

    Melvin Wong

    Benson Wu
    Xecure Lab

Season 1 Judges

Eddie Chau

Founding Partner

TNF Ventures

Eddie Chau is known for his business acumen and hands-on approach to business. He has founded and sold two startups, e-Cop and Brandtology. In 2012, he co-founded TNF Ventures with several ICT entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, to incubate early stage ICT start-ups.

Leslie Loh


Red Dot Ventures

Leslie's passion is to nurture entrepreneurs and grow technology startups. He runs Red Dot Ventures, and has invested in more than 20 startups since its inception in 2012. Most recently, Red Dot Ventures bring 3D printers to the mass market...