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  • Singapore has just turned fifty years old and so has the spirit of entrepreneurship in this country.

    If the Internet is the night sky, your website will be a mere twinkle in the cosmos, competing with other bigger and brighter stars for attention.

    The eternal age-long question with start-ups on which should come first and when is always there, and now we take a look at the factors which affect this argument.

    Every entrepreneur starts with something as simple as an idea. It is universally known that an idea can make or break the market and the entrepreneur who came up with it.

  • The topic might seem intriguing but more often than we realise, we find ourselves in similar situations.

    Performance marketing is a form of interactive advertisement, and is one of the best investments that a company can make.
    Previously, we discussed what Performance Marketing was and why it was important. 

    Having a tough time deciding where to launch your startup, or which markets to expand into?

Providing Opportunities

The TV Show
A hit reality series airing on leading regional news network Channel NewsAsia. Learn how venture capitalists work, how deals are negotiated and how acquisitions can be a gamechanger for any start-up, with in-theory learnings on the website brought to life in practical situations via the TV show.

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The Website
A one-stop information portal offering practical resources which are simple, accessible and easily applicable for the potential entrepreneur and new start-uppers. Provide information from business plan writing to doing up your P&L sheet to learning from experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

Nurturing Entrepreneurship

Whether you're a business veteran, first-time entrepreneur, aspiring start-upper, fledging innovator or fresh graduate bursting with ideas, you'll be empowered with the knowledge of what goes on the playing field – delivered fresh from the START-UP desk.

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Start-UP Finalists Progress and Achievements 

What have the Start-UP Season 1 and 2 finalists been up to since the programme aired? How have they progressed and what have they achieved?

Start-UP Dialogue with Season 2 Finalists – Zeya & Mark 

Engaging the startup community in the Start-UP Networking event on 26 June at Volkswagen Exclusive showroom.

Start-UP S2 Episode 7

In the finale, the Start UPs will present their final pitches to the Venture Capitalists.

Season 2 Judges
Judge Image
Eddie Chau
Founding Partner
TNF Ventures
Eddie Chau formed Brandtology in 2008 after successfully incubating e-Cop, a company he founded in 2000, to a market leader in Info-Security Industry. e-Cop was acquired in 2007 by a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holding Pte Ltd...
Judge Image
Leslie Loh
Red Dot Ventures
Leslie Loh is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor and educator. Leslie founded his first technology startup almost immediately after his graduation and led the one-man outfit...
Judge Image
Mark Strecker
Mark Strecker is CEO of [a•mo•bee] and a member of the [a•mo•bee] Board of Directors. Formerly, he served as President & COO of [a•mo•bee]...
Season 2 Finalists
  • Finalist Avatar
    Andrea Loubier
  • Finalist Avatar
    Candice Chua
    INNI Nails
  • Finalist Avatar
    Kenneth Lou
  • Finalist Avatar
    Mark Koh
  • Finalist Avatar
    Richard Kok
  • Finalist Avatar
    Varun Chandran
  • Finalist Avatar
    Wilson Ng
  • Finalist Avatar
    Min Zeya Phyo