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A hit reality series airing on leading regional news network Channel NewsAsia. Learn how venture capitalists work, how deals are negotiated and how acquisitions can be a gamechanger for any start-up, with in-theory learnings on the website brought to life in practical situations via the TV show.

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A one-stop information portal offering practical resources which are simple, accessible and easily applicable for the potential entrepreneur and new start-uppers. Provide information from business plan writing to doing up your P&L sheet to learning from experienced entrepreneurs and venture capitalists.

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Whether you're a business veteran, first-time entrepreneur, aspiring start-upper, fledging innovator or fresh graduate bursting with ideas, you'll be empowered with the knowledge of what goes on the playing field – delivered fresh from the START-UP desk.

Season 3 Judges
Judge Image
Leslie Loh
Red Dot Ventures
Mr. Leslie Loh is an entrepreneur, angel investor and educator. He graduated from Saint Mary's University, Canada, in 1982 with a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Finance...
Judge Image
Jeffrey Paine
Founding Partner
Golden Gate Ventures
Jeffrey Paine is the founding partner of Golden Gate Ventures, an early stage technology venture capital fund based in Singapore investing in Southeast Asia. Jeff started and manages...
Judge Image
Hsu Kuan Hua
GREE Ventures Asia
Kuan Hsu joined GREE Ventures in 2012 and serves as Principal of GREE Ventures Asia. Based in Singapore, he oversees GREE Ventures' overall Southeast Asia...
Featured Videos

Start-UP Finalists Progress and Achievements 

What have the Start-UP Season 1 and 2 finalists been up to since the programme aired? How have they progressed and what have they achieved?

Start-UP Dialogue with Season 2 Finalists – Zeya & Mark 

Engaging the startup community in the Start-UP Networking event on 26 June at Volkswagen Exclusive showroom.

Start-UP S2 Episode 7

In the finale, the Start UPs will present their final pitches to the Venture Capitalists.

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