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Tips on Basic Good PR

Tips on Basic Good PR

Whether it’s getting the media’s attention or managing relations with customers and stakeholders, good public relations is key. The right connections can get your business ahead whether you’re a start-up or a stalwart. So, here's how you do basic good PR.


Know what you need to fix 

Knowing your company, your clients and the market you are in will help you zero in on the focus of your PR before you dive into a campaign. Research the industry and your competitors. That way, you can properly evaluate the opportunities that can be tapped on as well as threats that you might face.


Pay particular attention to your mistakes and use PR to rebuild your image. Damage control will vary depending on the magnitude of the mistake. In 2003, worms were found in some of Cadbury’s milk chocolate bars in Mumbai. What would have surely been a death knell for the food company, at least in India, was turned into an excellent PR exercise. The company kept its customers updated on its manufacturing processes, reassuring them of high standards. Within three months, it launched a new, more expensive poly-flow packaging at no extra cost to consumers. Within nine months of the fiasco, consumer confidence was restored.

Respect your audience 

Now that you know exactly how to angle your PR efforts, you will want to reach as many as people as soon as possible. Here’s where you will need to engage the help of the media - traditional or otherwise.


The ratio of PR persons to journalists is an estimated 4:1, so get to know the ones who cover the beat your business is in and send your media releases to them. This way, you are less likely to be overlooked or dismissed. In fact, establishing a relationship with the right reporters, publications, bloggers and social influencers can go a long way to making sure you reach the masses. 


Next, convince them so they can convince others. Reporters are not only busy people, they are jaded ones, too. In the years they’ve been on the field, they have probably seen it all. Twice. So, you need to look at what you’ve got objectively and tell them the most interesting thing about it. Better yet, show them or let them try it out. When Singapore-based honestbee launched its online grocery service in 2015, instead of explaining its service to a room full of journalists, co-founder Jonathan Low conducted a live demonstration.


Finally, make sure you give print-worthy facts (think wow factor) and quotable quotes. Your long rambling reflections are only going to be edited any way. So, make life easier for them by doing the edit yourself. That way, you know you will be accurately portrayed.

Listen, listen, listen

Listen to customers, listen to the market, listen to critics and competitors. Trawl social media to have a feel of the ground so you can anticipate needs. Apple is so successful because it doesn’t just concentrate on the product, it concentrates on the people and how its products impact people.

People naturally gravitate towards warm, open, approachable personalities. Good PR is simply imbibing your company with the same personable attributes.




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