Season 2 : Finalists
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    Andrea Loubier
    Mailbird is a productivity platform for managing email as primarily the most important online communication tool for both work and personal life.
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    Candice Chua
    INNI Nails
    INNI Nails is an online marketplace where users get to customize paste-on nail designs, print and deliver to their home.
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    Kenneth Lou
    Novelsys aims to provide seamless, intuitive and smarter charging options to the user. Their product, ampere -the smart wireless charging phone sleeve- reinvents the mobile charging experience.
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    Mark Koh
    Temploy is a manpower marketplace that automatically and anonymously match job seekers for part time work with employers.
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    Richard Kok
    iKargo is Malaysia's first logistics portal which helps Users look for logistic services at their fingertips and get the best rates when transporters start bidding for the job.
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    Varun Chandran
    Corporate360 is a SaaS based software product for B2B – which includes features such as competitive intel, marketing data and Analytics
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    Wilson Ng
    ShopperBoard is the Pinterest for shopping, and so much more. A shopping mall in your pocket, it disrupts the online shopping industry by organizing all your shopping carts in one place, and allowing personalized discovery of new trends, stores and stylemakers.
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    Min Zeya Phyo
    code2LAB's product allows Myanmar's businesses to upgrade from manual process to e-processing using android smartphone and tablet.